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06: Multiply

I was moving chairs with a volunteer who has helped to move chairs for the Bible study every week. And as were simply moving chairs for the night it dawned on me, Sunday Nights is basically a bunch of simple tasks like moving chairs and somehow God uses it all to do something extraordinary every night.

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03: God is here

This past Sunday Night was nothing short of God meeting us where we were and beautifully shaking us to our core. The room was full of people shouting forth their personal praise to God. Whether it be standing, kneeling, or falling on their face, everyone gave Him what they had. If I have ever felt true congregational worship it was that night.

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01: It happened!!!

"It happened, it happened, I can't believe it happennnnned!" I couldn't stop shouting over and over again as we were tearing down at the end of the night. It is incredible to see with my own eyes God fulfilling His promises and beginning a work and multiple works in so many lives like only He can.

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Less than three weeks out!

Thank you to everybody who has been praying for Sunday Nights. The Interest Meeting this past Sunday went so well, God brought those who needed to be there, and the story of what God has started this & the vision of what He will do was shared. Launch is NEXT!!

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The Story Behind Sunday Nights

In August 2017 at a worship night with my Youth Ministry, God told me that He planted the seed of revival in my heart. In other words, if I will give myself to grow what He has given me, it will eventually bud forth to be seen by all.

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