From Living Room Prayer Meetings to Studies in the Sanctuary


Before Sunday Nights Bible studies started, a group of us gathered on Sunday nights in the weeks leading up to the launch of the study to just worship God, seek His face, and pray for revival.  The prayer meetings in the living rooms were much different than what the Sunday Nights Bible study is now. Meeting in private homes where we would expect 10-15 people was an incredible opportunity; the living room setting was intimate and the simple, guitar-led worship and desperate prayers for revival caused the enemy to tremble. The passion of only a small group of people that were willing to jump start and fuel this revival was very evident. And after months of prayer and growing closer as a team, it was finally time to begin the Sunday Nights Bible study and move into the sanctuary.

Creating the same intimate environment that we had in the prayer meetings remained important and it took innovation as we adjusted to the size of the sanctuary. Many hands helped to achieve this goal. Greeters and baristas are positioned at the entrance to welcome everyone who enters, making them feel at home.  Space is cleared in front of the stage, which is where the worship leaders lead from and where Pastor Josh delivers his message. Being in front of the stage as opposed to on it allows for people to worship close together and receive prayer from Pastor Josh or our prayer team.

Moving into the sanctuary made it feasible to not only have one guitar player lead worship, but we are now able to have an entire worship band!  For those with little ones, we have a great group of volunteers to provide child care. The kiddos love Sunday Nights too, as they are able to play with their friends and spend time in a fun room filled with toys.

Also, the times before and after each Bible study have been special times to connect with people and pray for one another. The people who are part of the studies are so willing to be vulnerable and real with each other, which has been truly life changing. We are real people who come from all different walks of life, hoping to be fed the fuel that we need in order to become more like Jesus. As we draw nearer to one another, lifting each other in prayer and carrying one another's burdens, it is clear that we are family and that there is nothing that we wouldn't do to help one another.

What began as a small group meeting in a small space has grown into a roof raising revival. And we are able to accomplish what we do because of the hearts and willingness of our volunteers: the greeters, child care team, worship team, incredible tech team, and powerful prayer warriors.

We are all hungry and in need of Jesus. Josh’s powerful insights and instructions from the Bible are the nourishment that we all desperately need in order to be a light in what has become a very dark world.

As the Word of this Bible study spreads, so will this revival. Please join us as we continue to draw people to Jesus - whether you are hurting and hoping for prayer, or encouraged and eager to grow, this Bible study is for you.

Angie Pandhi