Did You Know? Pre-Study Volunteer Prayer Time



Every Sunday before each Bible study begins, all of our volunteers gather together to pray and worship God in order to have prepared hearts for the night of serving ahead. We believe that these simple, quiet times play a vital role in the way each volunteer goes about serving. It’s easy to get in a routine or habit of just going to church and serving, but taking the time to slow down, pray, and thank God for all that He’s done before we serve His people is not only refreshing, but also refocusing.


“Every Sunday night before the study, our volunteers spend time with the Lord by singing two worship songs and praying with one another. We believe this is important because it opens up our hearts to the amazing things God is going to do during the study and we get to just thank Him for being the loving God that He is. I know that these prayer meetings have a big impact on how I volunteer, because it reminds me that I’m here to serve God despite the circumstances around me.”

- Destiney Phillips / Sunday Night Volunteer

 “I think that the pre-study prayer meetings are important because they really sets the tone for the entire night. We come before the Lord and make a petition to the Him before anyone even gets there. Sundays are pretty long days for me, and these times of prayer and acoustic worship really make me refocus fix my eyes back on the Lord. They’re powerful too, because these short meetings can have the same impact on me as retreats do".”

- Josh Teasley / Sunday Night Volunteer

“Prayer changes things. We truly believe it does, and that’s why we gather faithfully every Sunday night before the study and pray and worship together united as one body. We pray for the study, we pray for revival, we pray for each other. To be able to witness that first hand Sunday after Sunday is so beautiful because we’re not just a ministry but a family that encourages and lifts each other up when times are hard. I’ve served in different areas for Sunday Nights, whether it’s behind the scenes or in the front doors greeting people as they walk in - this ministry has impacted me in ways that I never thought it could. God is on the move and it’s so evident to see. Seeing the vision that God gave Pastor Josh come to life is something miraculous to witness. I thank God for Sunday Nights all the time because I know how special it is for me and so many people; we’re seeing revival first hand.”

- Jasmin Hernandez / Sunday Night Volunteer

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