Setting Up for Sunday Nights



Before every Sunday Night Bible study, a team of people gather together hours before each study to prepare for the night.  Chairs need to be moved, lights need to be hung, music equipment needs to be set up, coffee & refreshments need to be purchased, and worship practices need to be had.  Thankfully, we have a team of volunteers that consistently give up their Sunday afternoons to have a hand in this part of the work God is doing in this city.


We don’t deserve to have a building to use or a group of volunteers that are willing to give up so much of their time. We always want to remember to thank God for what we have and be diligent with what He’s given us. With that being said, we are so thankful for each and every person who has gotten to church early to set up and stayed late to tear everything back down … you are a part of something bigger than you could imagine, and we love you, team!

Sunday Nights