07: An army is rising in Orange County



It has only been seven weeks since we've officially begun these Sunday Nights, and it is overwhelming how much God has done in such a short amount of time. He has ignited fires in cold hearts, brought together generations around Himself, spoken to our hearts through His Word, and released His Spirit to work powerfully through worship week in & week out. God has begun to establish this work He has begun as a Bible study, but more than that an army. He is assembling and equipping a group of young & seasoned believers to receive and reach out to the lost and wandering of Orange County.  We are not just a group of the young or the seasoned, we are a group of all ages & background coming together all for Jesus & for serving His purposes with our lives.

We are confident in the completion of this work God has begun, and we are over the joy that God has counted us worthy to participate in His work.

This is the time more than ever to pray for the growth & purification of our group. Also, if you have not been to a Sunday Night or if you have any friends/family that love Jesus that have you have considered inviting, this is the time to come by and see what God does. 

All glory to God for what He has done, and for the even greater things that are still to come. 

- Pastor Josh