02: Let it rise

Let It Rise - Night Two

Wow! God poured out His spirit in such a powerful and aggressive way this past weekend. But what was so special was what preceded the outpouring of His Spirit. The Lord put the words of Psalm 100 heavily on my heart, "Enter His courts with thanksgiving". In other words, He was telling us that if we would let our praises rise, He would allow His power to fall. And wow, was He good to His promise. The Holy Spirit was so clearly at work in both the preaching of the Word and in the time of worship.  

I believe this night is a perfect summary of the bigger work of revival God is doing in our hearts, church, and county. God wants to pour out His spirit, but He first is commanding us to raise Him up in our priorities over our lives so He can do it through us. Wide-scale revival is in the Lord's hands, but the depth of our relationship with Him is in our own hearts; and if the God could turn the world upside down with 12 disciples who loved Him to the point of death, He can certainly do it again. God is raising up something special in our midst, and I can't believe we get to be apart of it. 

Pastor Josh Terada


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