When the living God invades living rooms


It has been incredible to see the raw power of God change, break, and bless our hearts as we have simply gathered in houses to pray for revival and Sunday Nights. It was even said, "even if Sunday Nights never happened, these meetings are so worth it because they are what God wants."  We've worshipped in song, cried out in prayer, fellowshipped in conversation, and have seen God stir revival in our own hearts. It's meetings like these that encourage our faith because as we see God do real & deep things in us, He can do it through us too!

The vision God has given me for Sunday Nights is to bring the living room atmosphere to the large sanctuary environment. God clearly showed me that the culture of this service must be one of contribution and not consumption. If revival is to break out, we cannot be an audience looking to be satisfied, but we must be an army ready to share & serve our Jesus. I will communicate it consistently and our leadership team will exemplify this obviously, but God gave me an almost very "in your face" to communicate this heart.


Excuse my poor mock up abilities, never done this before. The very fact that it looks 3D at all, is legit a miracle. 

As seen above, our worship leaders will not lead worship from the stage, but the ground. I will also preach from the ground and not the stage. This will be a visual representation of how we are on the level ground before the Lord, and how we are to worship & respond to Him together. We are not coming to watch something from afar, we are coming to be apart of it. 

If you would like to join us for a Prayer Night, check the Home page for our next meeting time and location. We will be meeting together through July 1st (the launch) 

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