The Story Behind Sunday Nights



In August 2017 at a worship night with my Youth Ministry, God told me that He planted the seed of revival in my heart. In other words, if I will give myself to grow what He has given me, it will eventually bud forth to be seen by all. So, I wrote it on the back of one of those very "Pinterest" felt boards "God planted revival in my heart 8/17". But, as I began to pray more about it, God showed that I just saw it in August, but He planted it in my heart years ago when I was thirteen years old. This is important because was the year I was baptized, but it was also the year I began to backslid into addiction to sin. However, it was that time as I gave up on my relationship with God that I wanted revival for my neighborhood. I started a blog and began to write about purity and revival, even though I didn't want much to do with God. (It was the craziest thing.) As I've talked to God this year, God showed me that He chose to plant the seed of revival in that time when I had so little faith in God, to prove to me that when He carries out any exploit of faith through my life, it will be obvious that it was not because of my faith in God, but His grace to me. Because He was faithful to me, when I was faithless to Him.



The evening that I chose to accept the opportunity to begin planning for Sunday Nights., I had a mixture of so many emotions and thoughts. I was so excited about what God had chosen me to do, and yet there was a good part of me who was terrified & clueless about how He could do this through me. I don't have a high school education, I speak with a stutter & a speech impedement, and I am the youngest & Pastor our church. All this drove me to Jesus, I would not go to sleep until the Lord spoke to me about all this.  At 3 am in my little patio the Lord finally gave me the words out of a Psalm I had been memorizing that week, "Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for Him to act." - Psalm 37:7. This was so important because the work of revival of any scale is not something that comes from the east or the west, but it only comes from God above. Therefore, what God was saying was simply wait on me and do what you can, and I will do the works that only I can do.  I went to sleep, but the very next morning I woke up to a text and to the news that Reverend Billy Graham had passed away, and as I was just beginning to process that, I felt the finger of the Lord point me right on the chest and He said "you're it." With those words came the understanding, that He wasn't saying I am the "next Billy", but that the mantle of ministry, evangelism, and revival was now on me and my generation to press forward. Immediately following this, the Devil would relentlessly attack me in my dreams and almost everything in my life of value either broke or came under distress. But through this whole week, God kept telling me so clearly the devil only attacks what He is afraid of. 



There is so much more God has done, but through it all God has made it clear that my life's purpose is revival, and it is what I will live and die for. I may live like Moses, who by the way He lived another could claim the promise. Or my life is like Joshua who will rather His to claim the promise than to live in disobedience. All this to say, I will die before I quit on revival. 


Pastor Josh Terada

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